9 Territories

Project Location:

Finch Gallery Exhibition
Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Project Date:

Photos by Jeff Juip

Thank you:
Damien Delorme
Zach Scribner
Lisa Linville
Tyler Jette
Justin Wood
George Poulton
Matthew Irving
Kevin Arthofer
Candace Steadman

salt and plaster
Wasatch topography
material study
tra la la
study of place

9 Territories is a study of place – a technical and intuitive description of the Salt Lake Valley with a direct and echoing connection to the Great Salt Lake. The project explores the contradiction of our continuous, expansive space coupled with a structured and divided development – the marriage of organic and Cartesian.

9 columns, rendered in layers of plaster and great-salt-lake-salt, exhibit the topographical rise and fall of the the valley. Topography, a function of time and space, barriers and thresholds, of light, speed, shadow, reflection, echo, access, erosion, resolution, orientation, refuge, with jagged edges and a smooth center. The columnar territories contain rise and fall, parsed with our perfect human grid, granting scale, granting orientation, and granting division to that which is otherwise layered, but indivisible.